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Architects of Archway


Phi is a number known as the golden ratio. A formula used to create timeless arches in art nature architecture and now, web3.

Phi Labs is a core contributor to Archway; a layer 1 blockchain designed to reward dapp builders. We contribute to the network one block at a time writing protocols, creating community tools and guiding the brand.
We believe in freedom & fair systems for everyone. A simple vision that inspires us to build high quality products and a community as passionate as we are.

Our contribution
to the Archway ecosystem

It all started with
a deep desire
empower you

Phi Labs was incubated at Tendermint, the founding team of Cosmos.

Our team has deep industry experience across many established projects.

Contribute to
something bigger

At Phi Labs, we work with our heart and soul; culture is everything. We believe that good people create good work, yet kindness is never in the way of process and world class quality. We’re just getting started. Join us.